Wednesday, December 9, 2015



We seen these adorable S'more snowmen before (found from several craft blogs) and thought what a fun craft to make for the kids, we do our FREE make it and take it for our local Christmas show each year and thought this would be a great craft to do with the kids.

Materials: Craft Foam Marshmallows (can purchase from Quality Art) (you can use real marshmallows but they wont last between years), Thick Craft foam (tan and brown), Sharpie or other marker (orange, black), wiggle eyes, craft glue, brown chenille stems, scissors, optional- black pom poms, ribbon or fabric, and back construction paper.

Directions: Start off by gluing your eyes and drawing your face on your snowman- do this with your sharpie or maker, once you have your face on you can start assembling. Glue all of your pieces together, poke small holes in the bottom marshmallow for the chenille stems to go into. lastly glue on your hat if you chose to put one on. 

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